CANELE Restaurant – Atwater Village

Being the chef/owner of a restaurant means running both halves, front and back, and every facet in between.  Physically, it's up there with tarring roads, and all the moving parts eventually coalesce - like Italian bureaucracy. Restaurants are theater, the staff is entangled through showtime, and the subject is food.  It's a demanding business, with … Continue reading CANELE Restaurant – Atwater Village

(A )ll’Acqua + (B )arbrix + (C )laudio = WINE

      Every Monday Claudio Blotta looks for new labels and varietals to flesh out the wine lists in each of his three restaurants.  Although Barbrix and All’Acqua are in Silver Lake, the tastings are held at his most recent venture in West Hollywood, Market Provisions.  Basically, it’s a two hour cattle call, and the audition is Wine.  Reps roll in with … Continue reading (A )ll’Acqua + (B )arbrix + (C )laudio = WINE