They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

Welcome to PAVE.LA!  My name is Suzanne Carney, and I’m a real estate agent in Los Angeles, at PLG Estates.

I love working with people who are on the brink of a major change, and solving those aspects that might feel daunting about it.  They’re not.  It’s just a process and a matter of finding solutions, so you can face the slight hurdles, and go on to the next chapter.  Having the right house is so important and more often than not just the beginning – a pre-load- of the next exciting thing.

I’ve come to understand that L.A. breaks down into boroughs, but the basic cut divides itself by the West Side |  East Side,  and your taste and leanings are indicative of one or the other.  If you’re an East Sider there are a few reasons to go west, but mostly you prefer the artistic bend and ethnic threads of places like Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Atwater, Highland Park and Mt. Washington.  On the east side you find original and long time residents beside seasoned artists, eclectic families, New York transplants, and stylish millennials all living curated lives, and which ever side of L.A. you prefer, Angelenos are always in development.

If you have any questions about selling or buying, things you’d like to see on this site, or just need some help making a change, feel free to contact me.  Suzanne Carney

Thank you for visiting, I look forward to hearing from you.