What is it about birthdays?  Some people create a circus of festivities, and others light a few candles and keep moving.  I’m in the latter category and tend to relegate a modicum of ritual on the actual, but begin to really contemplate the impending day three months prior to it, however the absorption of my new natal age takes about two months to soak in post facto.  This means I spend almost half of each year prepping and accepting that time is moving.

And – by the way – the older I get the faster time moves.

There is certainly some quantum formula that can explain this phenomenon of time moving as we grow older, and how the bend and speed rolls out like a ball of yarn falling down a soft-grade hill, and the angle continues to pitch up, and the yarn and its unravelling process speeds along, and goes and goes and goes, until there’s none left, and…

Times up.

Is this why some people have a diffiuclt time with birthdays?

Consider the alternative.

Time here is finite.  When that really penetrates, you’ve turned a corner, so congratulations.  And then what?

I believe it comes down to mindfulness.  I’m no buddhist, but those brackets this philosophy uses to organize life are pretty powerful.  The blanket statement of Bhuddist thought is awareness and mindfullness.  Two good words that define a mode of being, that I will never perfect.  But I aim to practice, and hope to live there in the practice of it, up until it’s time to leave.  I don’t think I need wooden beads on my wrist or a lotus blossom pose.  I just need a proverbial center where I can focus on something that’s real, which is nothing.  We all want to know, and be sure, and have control.  The problem is we don’t know, and that’s scary, so I find some center where I can relax and remember nothing is in my control.


And by the way I would guess that to know would be scary too.

Mild contemplation, awareness, acceptance and a propensity to celebrate is the answer.  Celebrating something is just mindfullness in balloon letters.

So much of everything all the time just comes down to acceptance.  Do everything you should, the work that’s on your side, like kindness, joy, acceptance, calm – do that.  Tune in, turn on, but then – Let go.

Blow out the candles, and enjoy.

H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y !

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