Momentum.  Don’t under estimate it.  Good or bad, it has a powerful thrust and it starts in your head, so be vigilant with every thought you access.  You actually can steer your thoughts.

Feelings – not so much.  But thoughts – yes, you can.

It’s a choice (what you think) and if you are looking to decompose one of the more odious ideas that swirls around in your skull, one of those self-closing loops of Shit Talk, the first step is simple a w a r e n e s s.

Awareness (simply observing) is a twitch muscle that can be snapped on like a Luxo Lamp.  When you’re looking to change your point of view, or get some kind of mental rinse, observation is the neutralizing first step.

The rest, the change, is not entirely up to you.  But it does get done with this process of corralling the sentences we allow to play.  I’m talking about the power of pushing your head to a better thought and creating a hitch-hook to a higher and better rail.

Momentum already exists in every direction, positive and negative.  Don’t be vague about that, or the fact that we choose.  Removing the inner critic takes time and management, and time management, so when the Shit Talk begins with its slow ugly rumble, and you allow it to continue that way – Congratulations! –  you have harnessed momentum.

In the wrong direction.

Switch carts.

Use awareness.

When you hear the voice of impending doom, the harsh critic, the feeling that says you’re totally wrong.  Who do you think you are?  Everyone knows you’re a fraud.  Instead say – everything always works out for me.  I cannot wait to see how I’m going to get from here-to-there.  I wonder who will come into my life when it all works out — yet again.

Watching these thoughts neutralizes their momentum, and gives you a minute to re-organize and choose better.  Once you choose wisely you create a powerful shift that is invisible but it becomes palpable, so feel free to over estimate the power of this momentum concept.  Think right, and be well.




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