Los Feliz | Spanish |

I am always partial to a classic California Spanish, but even more so when it’s in pristine condition, and restored by someone whom has made clear that this was a labor of love.

Everything about this house, the feel and flow the classic elements; wrought iron railings, poured concrete steps,

       Single sash glass doors bookend the fireplace and lead out to a court yard.


The kitchen has been re-configured as an “open kitchen” with more French doors leading out to the same one courtyard.


This idyllic dining patio courtyard sits in beside a huge, double door garage that has an interior finish matching the house.  In other words it’s not really a garage but an extra space.


And this extra space is not to be confused with the guest house.

There is a beautiful little guest house with cross beams, French windows, a kitchenette and full bathroom.  The property was hedged in by large trees for privacy and just a near stone’s throw walk to Griffith Park trails.

The buyers were fantastic, they had fallen in love with the house, and it’s a happily ever after ending.

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