Y E L L O W | “optimism” | Real Estate

Relax, almost everything is NOT in your control.

Buy or sell a home and that fact is loud, tight, and clear for 30-45 days.

Real estate.

Anything that goes into escrow becomes a bit of an octopus, and as much as one can regulate the undulation of eight arms – the rest is chaos.  Miniscule items can stub the process and so (yes, like snowflakes) no two deals are the same.  Set this to the sound of a ticking 30-day clock, label it with a property address, and you have what can feel like a trail of emergent miniature fires tindered by details and unforeseen narrative elements (like disclosures, appraisals, underwriting) all of which pop up, and freak buyers & sellers out.

Agents, Escrow Officers, Lenders, Title Reps, and the Bank are there to discover, negotiate, and keep on.  They’ve done it before.  In fact they are doing several of these deals at the same time. It is what they do.

Every day might reveal information that changes one thing or another, or just changes — E V E R Y T H I N G.

That is the process.  The game is to keep it on the rail, and everyone is attempting to get you there.

There are so many things that are NOT in your control. They get solved; sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.  And it’s stressful, but there’s almost always a solution.

Buyers and Sellers are in a state of transition.  Considering the fact that Buyers are taking their life savings and making a thirty-year commitment, while Sellers are releasing an entire life and converting the financial value to something new – it’s expected that emotions might roil.

If you’re seriously ruminating the process of buying a house or selling the one you’re in, it takes some planning and forethought, but once you’re ready – it’s  really, very, exciting.

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