Pop Physique


The only thing that might be more difficult than Pop Physique class is a class taught by the creator/owner Jennifer Williams.  You cannot fake or fudge this one-hour class, which runs its way through every zone on the body, and is divided by floor-work, barre-work, and when-will-this-end work.  But if you want results, this is the place.

Instructors will assure you that shaking is good, even their merchandise reminds you (*see above) and when done right your legs will shake like those color paint can mixers in a paint store.

You can’t use momentum, because you’re usually torqued somehow from the core, and the moves are tiny, which forces you to use the smaller muscles, those lacey grippers attached to the large muscles that change your shape most.  Words like, “dime sized circles” are thrown out, and it feels like asking an elephant to pinky-hold a tea cup.  But you will see results, fast.

Jennifer Williams developed the method, and together with her husband Deric Williams, they created the brand.  They seem like true co-creators in a lot of ways; business partners, married, parents to three kids, and both down to earth.

They’re a real couple in the sense that you can almost hear their silent rapport, and there’s a spicy tension between them that feels very authentic, like they’ve done some work and they’re going for success on a solid level.  Pop Physique has deifinitely been cultivated by two.

When I asked Deric if he’s ever taken a class, Jennifer tells me, “he has a love/hate relationship with it,” which seems to be the case for men and Pop Physique.  To clarify she looks me dead in the eye, “It’s hard.”  Deric chimes in that, “women tolerate pain more than men.”   But Jennifer helps him re-organize that idea.  “They Deal with pain.”

And of course then, I’m compelled to tag on (in addition) emotional pain as well.

“Exactly!”  Jennifer agrees.

“I’d rather get punched in the face,” Deric says, “because it hurts, but then it’s over.”  The classes at Pop Phyique are sustained tension that can feel like low-grade labor – as in pains, subsequently resulting in birth.   And I gotta say, you will make a new body.  It’ll be your own, though, because results come quickly.  I can’t say it enough.


Jennifer is a former ballet dancer, looking for a segue out of the form, that maintained what ballet offered.  It’s based on a method developed by Lonnie Burke, a German dancer who created it after being retired and injured.  Jennifer explains that, “it strengthens, but it’s safe, and a lot of it has been shifted and modernized.”

“It gives you the benefits and the posture….what you gain from ballet you’ll get in Pop.”  This is true – I’ve done both.  “Even though it’s hard, people can do it, because you don’t dwell on one part for too long. You get to move on.”  Physically the class unfolds, and builds, in a way that does make sense but, “if you don’t like to be controlled and precise it’s not for you.”

They’re opening studios at a fairly steady pace (next up is NYC) and they want to expand with merchandise; fashion gear, products, subscription videos, and more.  The brand is not only effective, the studios are stylish, and very urban chic.  “We want to keep the velocity,” Jennifer confirms.  I have no doubt they will.

For information & locations Pop Physique.







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