Of the seven deadly sins I believe I’m currently in S L O T H.
At the core of this/my S L O T H is a sense of being overwhelmed.  I say things like, I’ll do it later; that will figure itself out later today.
I can’t get out of the overwhelm, so I have to ask for clarity on what is the next indicated action, the next and only the next most important thing. A lot of times the clarity does not come in bold stone measures, but the task to attempt in the next thirty minutes is always apparent.
If I really mean the question I ask myself, “what now and what next” the answer will come.
I do not find that things have miraculously been scratched off my To-Do list.  But I have to try and do the obvious jobs centimeter by centimeter, and sometimes that means literally doling out five-minute spurts of productivity and choosing to switch or remain in the activity I’ve ordained, no matter what.
There comes a point, somewhere after forty, where you either get better (live a beautiful life of your own creation) or get worse (swaddle yourself in a stultifying body suit of bad habits, and unwittingly turtle down for a slow crawl toward the finish line.)
No way!
The hard lessons and realities are coming anyway.  Do I really want to add regret in terms of speed, navigation, and performance?
 I for one do not want to see notes on my Cosmic Report Card like “Student did not complete the difficult assignments and often opted out of electives offered on the hard truth.”
I don’t.
When it comes to truth, I want first and foremost to have it with myself.  I want to operate with empathy, pull my weight, be fair, be kind — and be clear.
I know damn well when I deserve a rest and when I don’t.
Life is a pretty standardized test, but we all have an exquisitely specific scantran to fill.  No two snowflakes sort of thing, and for the sake of ease you can boil most conflicts down to the age old bullet points.
                           Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath, Sloth.
Those seven deadly sins may be a midevil concept, but they serve as a perfect description for life’s usual fare.  Plain and simple – they cause problems, and could be called The Shit Storm: Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath, Sloth.
I’m not going Christian, but I’ve noticed a good tussle with all seven along my own life’s way so far.  Everything fits under one of them, and I want the rich satisfying spiritual, creative, actual work of resolving the issues those seven-fuckers create.  They wreak havoc alright.
But if facing them is hard now, I have a feeling it will be easier in the long run, so I’d like to get involved with all this evolution, truth-bearing, acceptance thing.
Currently, I’m in S L O T H.  
I’ve dressed my S L O T H in a costume called “overwhelmed” and the subject is “marketing” and the players: Mail Chimp.  WordPress.  Instagram.  Snap Chat.  Phone Calls.  Follow up.
What about you?
See, right here.  I’m going for procrastination (sloth) dressed as “Perspective.”  But I do want to know.
Pick one of seven, which is it?  Right now.
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