Echo Park | Craftsmen on Coronado St.

Realtors see houses all the time.  Going in and out – thinking like a buyer, thinking like a seller – they see the good, bad, bold, big, awkward, small, and sometimes just plain odd.

But once in a while you see a house and think … I could totally live here.

No.  Problem.

It’s not elaborate or fancy, it’s something inside you that says, I could be home, this could be it.  You feel like your own clients do when they walk into a place they know immediately that they want.


1338 N. Coronado St., for some reason, is that home for me.  It looks better in person than photos, which is not often the case, but it’s just so nice to be in ….   Bright, flowing, classic, vintage, with perfect  updates.  Not a glitch or a flat note really anywhere.

*back house too….

3 bed. |  2 bath |  1,380 sq. ft |   * plus a back house.

Offered at $987,000 (* in escrow)

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