House in the Desert, and you can afford it.

There’s something about those California desert towns, and leaving L.A to get there.   Knowing you can spend the next day beneath hot winds rustling palm trees is priceless.

Unpack the car, relax, and let the metronomic sound of crickets, and the soft splash of your own tan limbs gliding across the pool help you get there.  Everything that needs to be burned off, goes away as soon as you arrive.

B O R R E G O    S P R I N G S

At the far end (17 miles to be exact) of Montezuma Valley Rd, which is long and curvy and cuts through ancient mauve colored rock there’s a small town with an affordable house.  Where meditation on ancient sand and silt formations can bring you to a whole new level.  This is a town meant for night sky observation and galaxy worship.  One of the centers on this planet for The Dark Sky Association.   The only community surrounded on all sides by National State Park Anza Borrego Desert SP, and it’s filled with indigenous desert flowers and wild life. It’s a town for quiet stories, where Sam Shepherd might have written “Motel Chronicles.” and the hipsters have splintered up local life, blending in with the leathery mavens and ranch Queens, but leaving their mark mostly in custom cars and local bars.  Considering all offers.

B O R R E G O   S P R I N G S  |  3 bed. 2 bath  |  1,623 sq. ft   |   Listed at  $209,000

White washed walls and varnished concrete through out.

Population: 3,429    |   Elevation:  597 ft.   |   Size: 43 miles  |   Cool Desert Towns

anzaborrego3_t658           borrego_springs_stargazing1_t658

Contact:  Suzanne Carney  |   323.491-4390   |



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