Playing House



I  a l w a y s  wanted to play House.  The game of House meant you never ran out of stories, and you could have all your kids (Dolls) and and parties (Tea) you could make projects (crafts) and define rooms and mark out space (w/ sofa cushions, blankets, boxes) and then make up routines (like dinner or decorate) so guests (kids) could come over.

House was everything all in one.

Sometimes when sitting an Open House in a property that’s  F A N T A S T I C  it’s like playing a saturated game of House  as an adult.  The game is played in extreme finish, and high gloss reality.   This one is a game changer.

Sunday, September 11  2:00-5:00 P.M.

306 S. Mansfield  |  3 bed. 2 bath  |   sq. ft.  2,147   |   Listed: $1,995,000


The lines are clean, ceilings are high, and the space flows.

Updates like a picture window, with a sun hungry plant.

16-158562_14dab457-bf57-44e0-8832-75d233b5b00f      Exposed wood beams Open Kitchen, but not dirty dishes open.


From the front door – Voila!

16-158562_c2761133-1b36-4dce-a732-63a6857d79a4      Teal blue walls, a splash of red in the back, and colorful rugs, set off the white cabinets.  16-158562_74571ad5-ad34-4d0a-8c7e-831063881179

Wouldn’t you want to sleep in a room that opens onto a lush splash of palms and verdure.



Baby sleeps in a room papered with rainbow tye-dye lace wallpaper, built ins and a yellow bear chair. 16-158562_abd3a05c-c270-45a7-a74f-71901f769422


*A stylish work space in the back with clerestory windows and glass doors.   16-158562_164cc64b-be20-4351-a109-917170287444          16-158562_00a3415c-f1a3-40a0-9d6e-90e642d408ae

See you soon.   🙂


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