“That 70s Show”


Wow!  This is just too good.  Before I sat down to write this post I set the mood and cranked up Hues Corporation “Rock The Boat,” and the refrain –Rock on with your bad self –pretty much sums this place up.

This is real.  On the market in Massachusetts – AS IS!  The current owners bought it this way from the original owners, and have lived in it for the past twenty-years. Forty-five years later, all decor the has been preserved like a jar of honey.  For all you who relish a time capsule, or have an active fantasy about going back in time – Here it is.

Prom Night:  You 70's Living Roomdrove here in your dad’s Trans Am, and you don’t like the feel of your powder blue tuxedo, or the ruffles that guy at the rental shop insisted on.  But you’re at her door,  it opens.  And You are here. >>>>>

The Dad has a camera replete with spare flash cubes.  The Mom made punch and cocktail wieners.  “Say Cheese!”

70s Kitchen

<<<<<<<<    This is The Mom’s domain.  She likes a good crossword puzzle,  and stays to a strict diet of TAB, grapefruit, and Virginia Slims.

70s Dining Room




You’ve gotten to know her parents over the sit down dinners, and her mother explained that she loves green and yellow because, “I’m a spring.”  You’ve come to like her casseroles.  She pours her second martini and confirms you’re, “definitely a winter.”               >>>>>


<<<<<   This is where you made your first impression.  Meet The Parents.  You didn’t quite expect this lair of high design and whimsical flair.  You’ve never seen a house quite like it.  You just want to get her back in the car, but you stood in the foyer with a stupid grin, and made small talk with The Dad.



The Mom keeps her house like a museum.  Your girlfriend isn’t allowed to hang posters, there are no beaded curtains, no Lava Lamps.  Just lush quilts and matching window treatments in geometric browns and orange.  Her daughter (your girlfriend) is “an Autumn.”

70s Master

<<<<<<<  In February The Mom and The Dad are going to Acapulco for ten days.  You’ll be sleeping in their room, The Master with the ensuite bathroom, and those snazzy navy blue window frames have black out drapes.  You won’t be sleeping alone.

And last but not least. This is where your girl got ready for the prom tonight.  She was listening to K.C. & The Sunshine Band – “Get Down Tonight,” while she put on a little more Candy Angel lipgloss.




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